Why Am I Running For IVCC Board?

Why am I seeking a seat on the IVCC Board of Trustees?
As a businesswoman in our community, I recognize the value of IVCC to the Illinois Valley. As a mother of two teenagers who will be selecting colleges in the near future, I am personally invested in ensuring quality higher learning options for all students in our community. I have the time, energy, and motivation required to devote to and participate in the IVCC Board of Trustees.
Why should you vote for Angie?
I promise to listen and respond to the changing needs of our students, as well as our community. I promise to work closely with the administration, faculty, and my fellow trustees to ensure that IVCC is managed in a fair and efficient manner. As a mother and businesswoman in this community, I am committed to representing all IVCC constituents—students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members—in a collaborative, thoughtful manner to achieve the best end result for all. I promise to thoroughly research and explore all options/alternatives before ever voting on a financial matter.
As a new board member, my first priority will be to obtain a well-rounded and balanced understanding of current challenges and opportunities facing IVCC, so that I may provide insight and directly contribute to the longevity and success of IVCC and its students.
Top 3 goals, if elected:
1) Ensure IVCC continues to provide excellent education opportunities.
2) Keep the tuition reasonably priced—always weighing the needs of our students and the community when considering budgetary issues.
3) Help position IVCC as a thought-leader for community growth in the Illinois Valley.